The Highest Steel Structure Pier in Jilin Province Passed the Experts Review Successfully
adddate:2016-08-22  Publisher:admin
      JLCCG report: Aug. 20th: expert review meeting were held at the headquarter of JLCCG. The expert group were constituted by 6 members from China Railway Bureau Shenyang Company, Jilin Province Transportation Science Institute, Jilin Province Transportation Planing&Designing Institute, China Transportation First Bureau. Representatives from the building, designing, constructing, supervising parties attended the meeting. The meeting were hoisted and practiced by the commander of Huibai Motorway from Jilin Province Motorway Group Co., Ltd., the deputy dean Mr. Guijiu Liu from Jilin Province Transportation Planing&Designing Institute were elected as the headman of the experts group.   
      Experts reviewed the plan of the design party Jilin Province Transportation Planing&Designing Institute, and the PPT constructing plan from JLCCG, and the technical documents of the constructing company carefully. After discussion, the experts group reached consensus that were sufficient, reasonable, comprehensive and combined the recommended cantilever modular construction technology based on the environment of construction site, which increase the safety and quality of high pier construction comparing to prior hydraumatic climbing modular construction technology, and reflected the economical efficiency of the plan, and saved a lot of costs for the project.
      Liangshui Super Bridge main body was 86+160+86)m prestress concrete sequential steel structure, the top point of main pier is 94m, as the highest pier of the similar bridge beam, the main pier adopted double limb variable cross section rectangular hollow pier, clear distances between limbs are 5m with no beam. Single limb section width along the bridge is 3.5m, (pier top 8.25m, 80:1 grading from top to bottom).
      Currently, first article of Liangshui Super Bridge mass concrete of cushion cap was completed, high pier will be completed till the beginning of next year. JLCCG submitted O# beam construction supporter special design documents before Oct, and the rest will be submitted 30 days before commencement of sub-divisional works.